A Year of Crochet

Ok, Ok… so it’s more like a year a half, but whatever. Since January 2015, my husband and I have been living in Brazil while he completed a post-doctoral fellowship. Exciting stuff, for sure, and I could never have expected to love life in Brazil as much as I do. Naturally, it helps that I’m not working here–my visa explicitly says that I’m not permitted to work. Something to do with my husband being employed by a government research agency, I’m his “dependent”, etc… 

Anyway, I could probably count the number of days over the last year and a half that didn’t include some crochet time. I have always enjoyed my craft, but usually in small bursts mixed in with a busy work-driven American life. Before we got to Brazil, I couldn’t have predicted that I would dive into this world like I have, but there’s no looking back now. I’m trying to accept the fact that, in reality, I will almost positively have to get a “regular” job when we return to the US in just a couple of weeks, but I cannot imagine giving up so much of my crochet time!

As our time in Brazil is quickly coming to a close, I wanted to make this quick post just to feature some of the projects I’ve worked on and completed over this year and a half of blissful Brazilian living! 😉


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