Second Love Cardigan (A Modification Tutorial)

Hello, Makers!

I must say–I am both surprised and incredibly grateful for the positive feedback and interest in my sweater that I recently posted on social media! I made the sweater based on an existing pattern, but also made some modifications for a custom order. I’m so excited to share those pattern changes with you here and make all of your cozy, over-sized sweater dreams come true this winter! ❤


The original pattern is the First Love Cardigan from Ashleigh at I made one of these for myself last winter, but knew it would make a great base to get started on a custom order I had this season for a long, chunky, over sized sweater.


My original First Love Cardigan! (Using Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick–different than the recommended!)

Without further ado, let’s get you started!


I am in no way taking credit for the original pattern, and will not be posting any portion of the pattern here. Links can be found both above and below to the original pattern. I’ve made notes in the instructions below, alongside my pattern changes, regarding my modifications.

I crochet quite loosely and, even for the over sized sweater, did not require as many rows as the original pattern indicated. Please measure your piece frequently, hold it up to yourself, etc, to ensure that you make an appropriately sized item.

Little hints or helpful notes are typed in (italicized turquoise text and are in parentheses). If you have any questions or trouble following my instructions, please feel free to leave a comment on this post or reach out on social media! 🙂


  • 9 skeins Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (in Charcoal)–I bought 10 just in case!
  • 10mm hook
  • Stitch markers
  • Darning needle


Please find the main body of the pattern here: First Love Cardigan. My notes on size are below.

Cardigan Back:

  1. I crocheted a base of 32sc for the foundation row. (Add more if you are curvier or want an even roomier sweater!)
  2. I crocheted 43 total rows, which got me from shoulder to ~5-6in (13-15cm) above the knee, and I’m 5’3″ (160cm). I highly recommend using a stitch marker after every 5 rows for easy counting. (Again, I crochet quite loosely. Please make as many rows as needed to achieve the desired length, remembering that the weight of the fabric will add to the length, as well, once completed.)

Front Panel 1:

  1. My rows consisted of 15 stitches since my base was 32 and we are leaving two stitches open at the center.
  2. I crocheted 43 rows, again using a stitch marker at every 5 rows to make counting easier.

Front Panel 2:

  1. Same as front panel 1.

This portion (and the next, for pockets) are my pattern changes.

You will use single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), chain (ch), decrease (dec), front post dc (fpdc), and back post dc (bpdc).

Turning chains will never count as stitches.

Repeat instructions found between *asterisks.*


Make 2:

R1: Ch 25. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next st. *Sc, dc*  to end. Ch 1, turn. (24)

R2-R18: Sc in first st, dc in next st. *Sc, dc* to end. Ch 1, turn. (24) (If you want the sleeves to be longer, crochet more rows here!)

R19: Sc in first st, dec over next two st. *Sc, dec over next two st* to end. Ch 1, turn. (16)

R 20: Repeat R19. (11) (Yes, it will start to pucker and get wonky. Keep going.)

R21: Sc in each st across. Ch 2, turn. (11)

R22: Dc in same st as turning ch, fpdc around post of next st. *Dc, fpdc* 4 more times, and dc in last st. Ch 2, turn. (11)

R23: Dc in same st as turning ch, bpdc around post of next st (which will be the fpdc of the previous row–this keeps the raised stitches all on the right side!). *Dc, bpdc* 4 more times, and dc in last st. Ch 2, turn. (11)

R24: Repeat R22. (11) Finish off, leaving a long tail to sew up your sleeve and later sew to the body (~4ft long to be safe!).

Fold your sleeve in half, length-wise, and whip stitch closed. Set aside. (If you use another method such as sl st or sc to close your sleeve, make sure you fold it with the right sides together to ensure that your seam is on the inside of the sleeve when finished–ribbed edge should be facing OUT in the end!)


Make 2:

R1: Ch 11. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next st. *Sc, dc* to end. Ch 1, turn. (10)

R2-R5: Sc in first st, dc in next st. *Sc, dc* to end. Ch 2, turn. (10)

R6: Dc in same st as turning ch, dc in each st across. Ch 2 turn. (10)

R7: Dc in same st as turning ch, fpdc around post of next st. *Dc, fpdc* to end. (10) Finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing onto the sweater. Set aside.

*Let’s go back to the original for some collar ribbing: First Love Cardigan

Collar Ribbing:

  1. I followed Ashleigh’s instructions for R1-R3, using closer to 43 sc stitches along each front panel since I only crocheted 43 rows (not 50, as her pattern indicates), and 3 sc at the back of the neck.
  2. For R4, you should use alternating fpdc so that the ridges are raised when you fold the collar out. (Please make a few stitches and double check that this is accurate–I think the original pattern instructions may be erroneous here? Maybe I thought about it too hard and have gone insane? 😂)
  3. Assuming that R4 required alternating fpdc, use alternating bpdc for R5. (Bpdc dc stitches should be placed over the previous rows fpdc stitches, as with the sleeves and pockets.)
  4. I stopped here. My ribbing was about the same length of the ribbing on my sleeves, so I made no more rows on my collar. Stopping here also leaves enough room for the pockets!


As shown on Ashleigh’s blog, sew the collar down folded out. (On my original, I stitches the collar down the entire way around. For the over sized custom sweater, I only stitched down the first 10-12 stitches on each side. Both seem to be working just fine.)

Sew the sleeves on as shown on Ashleigh’s blog. Continue down each side of the body to seam up the side. For the over-sized sweater, I did not leave any slit at the bottom edge. I seamed it up the entire way down. (Sleeve sewing comes before her collar instructions, if you’re looking for pics!)

Lay your sweater out flat. Using stitch markers of some kind, pin the pockets to the front of the sweater about 5-6in (~13-15cm) up from the bottom. Using the long tail on each, whip stitch around to secure the pocket. (You may have to stretch out those top couple of rows with fpdc/bpdc to get the pocket squared up nicely!)

Enjoy the coziest sweater you’ll ever make! ❤



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