Sunburst Granny Square Tank

Hey, y’all!

I made a tank a couple of months ago–and then GAVE IT AWAY!–from the Sunburst Granny Square pattern! There seemed to be a lot of love for it on Instagram, so I decided to write up a quick tutorial to show everyone how I constructed this super cute tank! 🙂


For this version, I used some scrap yarn from a previous project–it was just Red Heart Super Saver, a worsted weight acrylic yarn! If I made another one, though, I would use either a softer acrylic or a cotton/cotton blend so that it was a little lighter for that warm summer weather!

Let’s get started!


Please know that I do not take responsibility for this pattern itself–it is a free pattern from another maker, which is linked above, as well as below. I’ve only created this tutorial to show you how to use these squares to make the top!

I crochet a bit on the loose side. Completing these squares with a 5.5mm hook, I would say this top is a size Small/Medium. Here’s how it fits me–I’m 5’3″ and wear a 34B/sz 5 pants. (Was that TMI?? 😂) It was pretty roomy for me and definitely too loose to wear without some type of bra/bandeau.




5.5mm hook (5.0mm to make it a bit smaller, 6.0mm to make it a bit larger)


Darning needle

Worsted weight acrylic or cotton/cotton blend–unfortunately, I can’t say exactly how much of each of these colors that I used, but you won’t need much of the 3 central colors, and I used less than 1 skein of the main color in Red Heart Super Saver.

Stitches Used:

Ch- chain

Hdc- half double crochet

Dc- double crochet

Tr- treble crochet

Sl st- slip stitch

Puff St- puff stitch is explained in pattern link below

Cluster St- cluster stitch is explained in pattern link below

Sdc- standing dc (Please see this tutorial to join new yarn with sdc, and see this tutorial for sdc at the start of a row.) You will need to use both of these techniques for the straps!


Make 13 squares following the Sunburst Granny Square pattern in your choice of colors. If you need to make a large top, add another round of traditional granny square for each square!

I highly recommend weaving in the ends of your squares at this point—get it out of the way! Don’t leave it for the end! 🙂

Assemble your squares according to the schematic below. I used alternating colors simply to distinguish one square from another.

I prefer the flat slip stitch join–hold your squares right side together, slip stitch across through outside loops only. Here’s the tutorial I used the first time I ever learned this join from Lucy at Attic 24. Of course, you can use whichever joining method you are most comfortable with.

sunburst tank schematic

The black lines represent where the garment will be folded to hug around your sides. The section in between the lines will be the FRONT of the top. once all squares are joined, fold it however is easiest for you to close it up–I found it easiest to turn it completely inside out–and join square A into the empty space on the other side.

Be careful to make sure that you are keeping the RIGHT SIDES together while joining!


Attach yarn in the corner point on one side of the front of the top with an sdc. Continue making stacked sdc’s, one right on top of another, until your strap measures ~11-12in. long, depending on how low you want the tank to sit and how long your torso is.

Before attaching it to the corresponding back corner, I recommend carefully stepping into the tank, pulling it up, and get a visual on whether or not the strap is the correct length. Adjust if necessary, and then attach the strap to the corner point on the back (and same side) of the tank.

Repeat for the other side

For the criss-cross straps–attach yarn with an sdc on the inside (closer to center) of one of the straight straps, going into the same corner point. Continue making stacked sdc’s as before, but make the strap ~1in. longer than your straight strap. Attach to the opposite side’s corner point on the back, also on the inside (closer to center) of the straight strap.

Repeat for other side.

Weave in all ends.

Get excited.

Wear the shit out of your new, awesome tank! 😎 ❤


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