Lacey Petals Jacket or Cover-Up

Hi, friends! Am I really back so soon with another post?? I know it’s hard to believe after months of neglecting the blog portion of this little crochet business of mine! Alas, here we are! 😉

Back in March, I finished up a motif-based, light-weight jacket. The version that first caught my attention was made into a cocoon style sweater, but I wanted to make a longer and more traditional jacket.

The motif itself comes from this free pattern on YouTube–there is no written pattern, so please be patient with yourself if you decide to make this motif and aren’t accustomed to following along with a video. I promise, though, it is worth it! Just look how beautiful it is! And I’ve seen it in a few other colors–it’s always gorgeous!


Want to buy this jacket?? I’m selling them on my website! 

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