Blusa de Crochê – Part 1 (Translation of Terms)

This pattern comes from Ana Maria Braga of Aprendendo Crochê. <– This link has both the video and the written instructions for the top, which you will have to follow while referencing the translation of terms below.

As you might guess, you can find translations of crochet stitches on any number of sites, but I am going to break it down for each section of the top so that you can follow along the written instructions a little bit more simply. I’ve also included my progress photos for various rounds, as I had been taking them in the process of making my own top, anyway.

Hopefully, you will be willing to work through the written Portuguese instructions if you know what the abbreviations mean, and the video tutorial should make a lot more sense as you follow along. I really think it’s worth the effort, as this top is so super wearable. I will also include the helpful notes and info that I learned while making this top myself, which are not direct translations of the site or the pattern.


2.5mm hook
3 hanks Charme Circulo 100% cotton crochet thread
        This Brazilian brand is 378 Tex and each hank is 396m, labeled for a 2.5 – 3.0mm hook
Tapestry needle for sewing the shirt together


US Terminology

English Portuguese
Ch- chain Corr. – corrente
Ch sp – chain space Corr. de espaço
Sl st – slip stitch p. bxmo – ponto baixíssimo
St – stitch p. – ponto
Sc – single crochet p.b. – ponto baixo
Dc – double crochet p.a. – ponto alto
Hdc – half-double crochet m.p.a. – meio ponto alto
Tr – treble crochet p.a.d. – ponto alto duplo

Special Stitches

English Portuguese
V st – V stich: dc, ch 2, dc p.v. simples
Double V st – 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc p.v. duplo
Triple V st –  3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc p.v. triplo
Quadruple V st – 4 dc, ch 2, 4 dc p.v. quádruplo
Quintuple V st – 5 dc, ch 2, 5 dc p.v. quíntuplo


As written, this top is a size M/44 (100 cm hip measurement & 94 cm bust measurement). To alter the size, you will increase/decrease some rounds where indicated in the tutorial. Generally, each size increase requires 6 cm more, and each size decrease requires 4 cm less:

Size 46 – 106 cm hip
Size 44 – 100 cm hip/94 cm bust
Size 42 – 96 cm hip

Size numbers are not standardized–only the hip/bust measurements should be considered. If you have a 100 cm hip but also a 100 cm bust, I would increase the top size accordingly.

Once you have made a round of V stitches in the pattern, after the central flower, measure the height of the round and increase/decrease accordingly, remembering that the total is split between the two halves of the top.

Ex: if your round of V stitches is ~1 cm tall

  • For 106 cm hip:  make 3 more rounds of V stitch than what is listed in the pattern (3 cm per half of the top = 6 cm increase)
  • For 96 cm hip: make 2 less rounds of V stitch than what is listed in the pattern


  • Any words in the written Portuguese instructions that I did not include in the translation–you can look them up on Google Translate, or refer to the video or my included photos to get a better understanding of where to place stitches.
  • A couple of times, we have to skip around in the written Portuguese instructions in order to follow the video instructions. Overall, it is easier this way, and gives you less ends to weave in.
  • I think any cotton thread that is appropriate for a 2.5mm hook will work for the pattern.

Instructions / Translations

Body of the Top – Central Flower (Início)

English Portuguese
Make/do Faça
Close Feche
Skip Pule
Walk/travel (as in into the next space) Caminhe
Ch Corr.
St p.
Sc p.b.
Dc p.a.
Sl st  p.bxmo
Triple V St  p.v. triplo
Ch sp  corr. de espaço
 Tr  p.a.d.

2016-04-22 14_21_53-20160413_181959  2016-04-22 14_24_01-20160413_182929  2016-04-28 12_18_22-20160413_184311.png
2016-04-28 12_18_42-20160413_185649.png 2016-04-25 11_12_44-20160413_190931 2016-04-25 11_13_10-DSCN0173
2016-04-28 12_14_03-DSCN0179.png
2016-04-28 12_15_57-DSCN0185.png    DSCN0187
2016-04-28 12_30_05-DSCN0190

Body of the Top – Contour (Contorno)

The numbering of rounds/steps starts over on their site, but my photos are numbered continuously for now.

Are you working on the 2nd half of your top? If so, STOP. Turn over your work, so that the “right” side of the flower petals are away from you, THEN start the next round. This will ensure that the “right” side of the 2nd layer of petals will be on the OUTSIDE of the shirt when it’s all done! 🙂 

English Portuguese
Work Trabalhe
Start/finish Inicia/termina
Round Carreira(s)
V st p.v. simples
St p.
 Ch sp corr. de espaço
 Dc p.a.

2016-04-25 10_24_13-2016-04-20 13_21_20-DSCN0192 DSCN0204.JPG

Please pay attention to the video for starting the next round when it comes to placing your first V st!!! (21:40 in the video.)

If you need to alter the size of the top, you should do so here over these next few rounds according to the instructions at the top of the page.

2016-04-25 15_07_40-DSCN0295

Body of the Top – Dividing the Collar and Shoulders (Gola e Ombro)

English Portuguese
Reserve/don’t use Reserve
Work Trabalhar/trabalhe
Make/do Faça
Starting/finishing Começando/terminando
V st p.v. simples
St p.
Dc p.a.
Ch corr.

25:40 in the video.
2016-04-25 15_47_49-RSCN0301    2016-04-27 17_21_23-2016-04-25 15_50_30-DSCN0305.png
2016-04-25 15_28_36-DSCN0321
2016-04-25 15_55_37-RSCN0328

2nd Layer of Petals (Camada de Pétalas)

This part is placed one section earlier here than it is on their site. This is because I am following the order of the video instructions. We will come back to the skipped section for shoulders (“ombros”) after this round of petals.

English Portuguese
Skip Pule
Make (climb) Suba
Make/do/made Faça
Work Trabalhe
Walk/travel (as in into the next st or ch) Caminhe
St p.
Dc p.a.
Ch corr.
Sl st p.bxmo
Sc p.b.
Hdc m.p.a.

2016-04-28 12_47_37-RSCN0337.png
Please watch the video carefully!! 31:30 in the video.
2016-04-28 12_49_34-RSCN0351.png    RSCN0371.JPG

STOP HERE for this section. We will return to the written portion of the petals later, in order to follow the video instructions.

Shoulders – V stitch (Ombro com p.v.)

This section goes back up to the “Ombro” part of the written instructions.

English Portuguese
Work Trabalhar/trabalhe
Rounds/rows Carreiras
Make/do Faça
V st p.v. simples
Dc p.a.
Ch corr.

34:45 in the video.

WHEW! Time for a break!

This completes the first part of the top. So guess what?? You get to make another one JUST like it!!!! Please, take your time… because I don’t have the rest of this tutorial ready to post yet! Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)

One super important note about the 2nd half of your shirt, and yes I already made a note of it in the appropriate section above:

Notice now that the first and second layers of petals have the “right” side on the same side of the top.

The 2nd half needs to have the “right” sides of the petals on opposite sides of the top. Please don’t forget this so that the right side of the 2nd layers of petals end up on the OUTSIDE of the shirt when all is said and done. (This is what the video is talking about from ~38:15 – 40:45.)

I’ll be posting the next translation tutorial for the other shoulder, connecting them, and finishing everything else very soon!


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