Sophie’s Universe(s)

When Dedri Uys of Look At What I Made started the Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015, I had just begun diving into the world of crochet as more than a few-projects-a-year hobby. I saw people posting their updates each week on crochet Facebook groups, admiring them in all their beauty and uniqueness with every changing round and choice of colors. At the time, I thought it would be nearly impossible for me to complete such a masterpiece. After all, I had only recently been exploring patterns that went beyond the basic stitches and a simple color change.

Since I’d also only recently discovered the absolute magic that is Ravelry, I added the Sophie’s Universe CAL to my pattern library and put it on the back burner. But with each passing week of the CAL, seeing all the other folks posting their updates online, I was increasingly excited to give this pattern a shot and wanted to start as soon as possible. I read over the Sophie’s Intro Info and decided that I could take it on! (And yes, it helps that Dedri’s written and photo instructions are IMPECCABLE, along with Esther’s amazing video tutorials at It’s All In A Nutshell.

After some thinking and planning, and because I’m a bit crazy, I decided that making FOUR Sophie’s would be better than just one. Duh. So I sat down with Dedri’s google docs for the large blanket with all of her usage and meterage, picked some colors, and got my ideas turned into numbers and skeins. I worked all 4 simultaneously, working one part at a time for each of the 4 blankets. If you are interested in my color choices or the number of skeins used, please leave a comment on this post! 🙂

I also tracked the time it took me to complete each part for each blanket because I thought it would be interesting to see how much, if at all, faster I got as I became more familiar with the rounds. The first blanket took the longest at about 113.5hrs, with a major improvement to a quick 91.5 hrs for the blanket that got worked on last for each round! FASCINATING! 😉

These blankets were a true labor of love. I started them in late August 2015, and with a few little breaks, I finished the last one TODAY, mid-April. It’s actually blocking as I type! I kept one for myself and my husband ;), but the others were gifted to my mom, my mom-in-law, and my sister over the last couple of months.

Oh yea, excuse the crap quality on a few of these photos–I only remembered that we had a nice camera a few days ago! Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Twitter Version)

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